Celebrations through Memories and Anniversaries

It is the sixth anniversary of moving to Hawaii.  The start of a new life, in a new place, with new adventures waiting around every corner. Well, that is indeed what I have found. 

The new life I came looking for has changed from the life I was “planning.”  I planned to leave all my hurt, pain, anguish, and problems behind.  I initially dreamt of coming to Hawaii as a WWOOFer (Willing Worker On Organic Farms) then picking up other WWOOFer opportunities in New Zealand, Australia and beyond into Europe.

What happened took my life on very different adventures, catapulting the Alaska herbalist into the world of Western Medicine with a diagnosis of Melanoma. I spent the first four years spinning through the revolving doors of tests and appointments to the next form of treatment.  Three surgeries, radiation and two years of the immunotherapy drug Keytruda, MD Anderson Cancer Center happened and I entered the status of cancer free.  For two years I have been adjusting to the freedom this has given me, though most of that time has been spent under Covid challenges. (A topic for another day).    I do see the emergence of a new life happening.  A life clearly and completely created by my choices.  I am blessed, I am walking along my authentic path, exactly at the right place at the right time. 

The new place is paradise, Hawaiian Paradise Park, a subdivision on the east side of Hawaii between Pahoa and Hilo.  I’m now living with a previous jungle kitty named Momi , in a small ohana where I can hear the surf of the ocean pounding on the rugged lava cliffs.  The first five of these past six years I was a house-pet sitter, caretaker, care giver. I never knew for sure where I would be living several months in advance. That changed a year ago when I rented this lovely cottage a block up from the ocean.  I feel I have found my home, for as long as I am meant to be here.  I am happy, comfortable, secure, safe, healthy. 

This is a far cry from the Nirvana of being onboard the M/V Wanderon, anchored in the back of a beautiful secluded bay in Southeast Alaska.  In order to be open to healing the overwhelming losses, I felt I had to make BIG changes. I had to find a new place that could make my heart sing and ease my shattered soul.  From the magnificent state of Alaska, to the wonderful tropics of Hawaii, it is no mistake that I landed in Puna.  It’s a bit wild, off the beaten path, magical, rugged lava cliffs, wonderful trade winds, a bounty of fruits and vegetables watered by the rain that often blesses us.

The new adventures continue, in interesting and ever changing ways.  I have been on an amazing spiritual journey that has brought many different people into my life, many different opportunities for expanding into the best me I can be. Celebrating Life. Celebrating memories of where I have been so I can see who I now am. Celebrating the anniversary of starting down a very different path.  One that is all mine. This Nirvana is very different yet rich in magical ways.  Gratitude for the adventures that led to the courage for more and different adventures.  Living authentically, finding my purpose and living it.  That is life, my best life.

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