Smile and Shine – Part 1

Creating the life I want to live

Oh my, where has the first month of this amazing and magical year of 2022 gone? It has a been a month of staying in gratitude and creating magic and miracles. I feel like I have been in the flow with the Universe for several months. Can I pin point when? Hmmm, maybe it started when that beautiful crystal I wrote about in “Magic and Manifesting” came into my life. Sitting here reflecting back, yes, that is about when this joy was blooming and shining outward from me, through me.

Part of it had to do with a magnificent group meditation I had been invited to participate in for eight weeks. One of the practices the leader had us engage in was dancing. Getting up and moving our bodies to a high vibe music list he had created for us. It brought dancing back into my life after years of only watching, not actively participating. What a metaphor for life!! I now get up and dance around my home, in my yard, wherever the mood strikes me. Dancing can be an expression of joy. The Universe wants me to be happy and in that state of joy. It is a choice, my choice. Dancing can shake off the things that are getting blocked in our bodies from emotions. It gets our heart pumping, wakes up our bodies to living, thriving, expressing. It can shift our energies and up

January has been full of the things I enjoy doing. I have enough work to pay my bills and share abundance with those I come in contact with. I joined an organization in December of 2021 that allows me to pour my service to others into it. My Auntie taught me when I was a teenager, that when we have a problem, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and go do something for someone else. That is part of what started my journeys into service for others. Through the years I have participated in a variety of volunteer opportunities. This one, Harvest Moon PMA, is about food sovereignty for the big Island of Hawaii. As I am a foodie and love farmers markets, volunteering for this organization feeds all of my needs for service. It utilizes my skills, which are varied from the many paths in life I have walked along. It brings me happiness, joy and community. It feeds my body mind and spirit. I feel I was divinely guided as I had put out to the Universe that I was looking for my next service project.