Magic and Manifesting

I was wandering through our local farmers market, that also has tables full of babbles and trinkets. One of these tables was filled with glass topped display cases which caught my attention, specifically a rectangular style brilliant quartz crystal, wrapped with gold wire and adorned with beautiful blue green stones which I later found out were chrysalis. I am a lover of crystals. I think they have amazing energy and this one was really speaking to me. The vendor took it out of the case and let me hold it. OH MY GOSH. Wow. The man said that someone had told him it was a water clear Lumerian Crystal. When I held this crystal up and looked through it, the view was as clear as if it were glass, but it didn’t feel like glass. It felt like magic and energy and light reflecting. When I asked the man how much it was he said $250. MMM, yes, I felt that was probably a fair value for this beautiful crystal but it was outside of my budget. I stood and talked with the fella for a bit. I then asked him if he had said $250 or $225. His response was that he would let me have it for $185. If I had had the money in my wallet, I would have pulled it right out and handed it over, no hesitation. We talked briefly about the possibility of a lay-away plan.

I departed telling the fella that I am a strong believer that the Universe has my back. If that beautiful crystal was supposed to be mine, the Universe would provide me the opportunity to make the money, to exchange for the crystal. I went on about my way, knowing that by verbalizing my desire, it had been put out to the Universe.

I had signed up on a housecleaning website a few months back thinking it might provide me a few clients. All of my clients are currently word of mouth and for the most part I stay plenty busy. That night when I was checking email, here was a message from a man that needed help with housecleaning. His messages identified him as an old man, widowed, in my subdivision, “old fart can’t keep up with home”. So we arranged an interview for Tuesday at noon.

I arrived at noon and the man before me was not an “old fart” in my eyes. He’s a 59 year old fisherman and business owner who works all the time. We instantly hit it off and started the tour of the house, discussing his needs. As we finish the tour I tell him what my hourly rate it. He responds he will top that, offering a higher rate which I gratefully accept. It is not uncommon to receive a tip or additional pay as any job I do, I do the best I can. He agreed on once a week, three hours a week, he would leave payment out for me. WooHoo!! I didn’t need to add much to be able to go back to the farmers market the next Sunday and make that beautiful crystal mine.

So again, my lesson and blessing is about love and trust. I fell in love with that beautiful crystal. I can feel it’s amazing energy. And just in the 10 days I have had it, my life has changed. Magic and manifesting. I asked for what I wanted. I listened with my heart for the answers. Then I trusted that what I want, wants me. Trusting the Universe to provide the things, people situations that will help me realize my desires. Keeping my head on a swivel and ready to show up, actively participating in the creation of my desires, while using caution not to get in the drivers seat. My journeys into magic and manifesting are divinely guided. I am blessed and very grateful.