Showing up for Life

Amazing things can and do happen when we show up for life.  I have seen it time and time again in my own existence.  Showing up for life means stepping into each day, each circumstance, each chance meeting with eagerness and excitement.  It means being fully present, fully focused, fully open to what may be coming my way. It means giving my all, no resistance, no restrictions, no doubt and no attachment to the end result.

I have been in a holding pattern for the last couple of months, a transition period, a time to be still and be grateful.  I knew as I was in this place of treading water, holding steady in self-care, self-love,  and uncertainty, that everything was lining up for my next grand adventure, my next path forward, the thing that will propel me into elevating my soul to the next level of growth. Now here it is!

Part of the fun of “Showing Up for Life” is seeing and feeling the pieces come together, that are the signs and signals that yes, this is the right path forward for me at this time.  In some ways it is like a treasure hunt, finding pieces to the great jig-saw puzzle of life.  When pieces of the same puzzle come from different directions, it makes it very apparent that yes, I am on the right path.  The more I dig, look  into, under and around things, the more resounding the “YES”s.

This time has been particularly fun as new life tools have come from unexpected places.  I took a writing class to help propel me forward on my book.  One of the tools the instructor taught is a tool I don’t know how I lived this long without! Mind mapping.  In making the decision of if I wanted to move forward on an energy training that came across my “radar”,  I used my new tool of mind mapping to help determine if it was the right thing for me.  It certainly helped me focus on the whys of saying Yes.  Along with the support of a mentor, the decision to say Yes, whole heartedly, without hesitation, was easy to make. 

Trust and allow, when the doors are opening, I take it as a sign and have found there is little fear in walking through them.  When I allow my heart – center to guide me, it is always a win-win situation.  Committing to doing my best, bringing all I am and all I have to offer into the equation ensures success.  Showing up for life is the way I choose to live. I am blessed, so very blessed and so very grateful that I keep saying yes to life and keep showing up!  Try it, you’ll like it.

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