Adapting Survival Balance

Adapting, agility, survival, going with the flow.  Balance I believe is the goal. 

Do we start with defining balance?  That seems to be one of those things that can cover a wide range of aspects, for example, stability in the basics of life; housing, food, community service and interactions, relationships, activities.  I have found spirituality as a tool that can provide an easier time of finding our own personal balance.  Going within helps define what is truly important and what is minini (small kine stuff).  I respect and honor the different teachers from across time and space and in gratitude I take what I can use and leave the rest.

How well we adapt often times determines our happiness quotient.  Adaptability has a lot to do with allowing what is happening without being attached emotionally. In order to adapt to the changes that are thrown at me I need to be able to accept them, allow them, duck when possible and know that it is what it is until it isn’t anymore.   Nothing happens by mistake, I can learn from the situation.

Agility, for me, means that I do this dance in life, never quite knowing what the steps to the dance are, but allowing the moment to guide the action.  I learned at an early age that nothing was permanent, promises were often forgotten, staying agile allowed for survival. Today when I am in step with the Universe, things flow in the direction my spirit needs to move.

Survival, for some that is the basic needs of food and water being met.  I am very grateful to have always had food and water, though not having security has brought many challenges.  So one gets tough, like a tortoise, an outer shell is formed to protect the tender sensitive inner emotions.  I am tough, I have survived the abandonment, the lack of abundance, the lack of love – even for myself. 

When we know better, we can do better. Going with the flow is what living on Hawai’i Island has taught me.  Allow, breathe, be resilient, be patient, love yourself, love yourself unconditionally, love others.  Find peace, find balance. Be agile, adapt, do more than survive.  We all have choices, choose wisely.

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