Manifesting by Letting Go

“Part of manifestation practice is what you let go of rather than what you add” ~ Eckhart Tolle

I believe we create our own lives.  This is done by, as Eckhart Tolle mentioned, what we let go of in our lives.  By letting go of hurts, hard feelings, disappointment, fear and the wide array of lower vibration emotions we are able to resonate at the higher vibrations, bringing towards us the things we desire.

I had to forgive and release the crappy childhood I had in order to free myself to be the happy healthy woman that I am today.  I had to forgive myself for my part in the things that happened along this journey called life in order to recognize freedom.  I had to let go of the stifling beliefs that I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough to be able to walk into the adventure of living my best life ever.

My husband once asked me “How do you let go of the past?”  At the time I thought I knew how, and my response was along the lines of “Push those thoughts away, replacing them with something better.”  As years and trauma of my own ensued, I had the opportunity to revisit “How do you let go of the past?”

What I found was to examine the feelings as they come up, really feel  them.  Question if they are based in truth or illusion.  Sometimes our perception of what is true is far from it when we step back and look at it through different eyes.  Another is to think about where my responsibility was in the situation.  I have learned to forgive myself as I take responsibility for my part in whatever happened.  I recognize that as I forgive myself, I free up that person or situation that created that blockage.  Freeing up allows letting go. 

One of the most important keys to letting go is to let go with love.  Loving myself for being brave enough to look with real eyes at the situation, the hurt, the emotions.  Forgiving myself with love for my part in it.  Knowing that love heals all wounds.  Let go with love, manifest your dreams.

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