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Little Book of Hope Resources is a page of the types of things I use/used to survive and thrive through my journey with cancer. I was an herbalist who didn’t want to do western medicine but I have a purpose that was not yet fulfilled so circumstances came together to lead me down an amazing path of love, learning and into dynamic health. This page will be updated as I have time to expand on all the amazing tools that are out there for us. May these links assist you in making good choices in wellness.

MD Anderson Cancer Center Number 1 in the country for cancer care!!

Body Testing This is a great link describing, with photos how to do muscle testing. Our bodies know what our needs are. I used this numerous times to determine if the drug I was being told to use was good for me. Several times I didn’t like the answer, but I learnaed to trust and allow my body. So grateful I did as I sit here alive and well!!

The Scans and Tests

CT Scan Sometimes called a CAT scan. Can show abnormalities in the body. Additional testing may be required.
PET Scan Measures the metabolic activity of abnormal cells.
MRI MRIs are used for multiple purposes. This link will offer MRI info for different parts of the body. Mine were always of the brain to make sure the cancer had not spread there.
Ultra Sound Lowest impact test, uses no radiation.

I recommend that you also have your Vitamin D levels checked. Mine were really low and that is one of the immune boosting vitamins our body needs.

I have had my doctors monitor my thyroid as they used radiation on my neck area. Because my functional doctor filled my thyroid with iodine, it survived and still works efficiently. Had he not filled it with iodine, I would be taking hormone replacement therapy the rest of my life. I ordered liquid iodine and put a couple of drops in water daily.

Wheat grass. This is just one of many references found out on the internet. I love it because of the name “Love Heals Cancer”. I believe that! Here is a quote from the page on wheat grass “It is a tiny addition to your diet during your fight with cancer. But consuming wheatgrass packs a punch of goodness into your system which assists you as you fight cancer“. I have it in powder form and add it to my smoothies. I always love it when I am at a farmers market and someone is offering fresh wheat grass juice. 💚

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