The Three Little Kittens

I have always been a cat person, though in recent years I have learned why dogs are man’s best friend. Unconditional Love Machines. Cats have a lot of love to give too, but as a separate species, they have their own style.

I had a beautiful mature cat that had come my way in January of 2021, Momi. She was unlike any cat I have ever had. She was a beautiful calico jungle kitty that had been domesticated, loved and spoiled. She got injured in a fight with another cat and it was the end of her nine lives. It took my heart a year to heal after I walked her to the rainbow bridge. Her story is on my blog. Missing Momi and Momi – My Hawaiian Pearl As my heart healed, I decided next time I would get two kittens, so they could keep each other company when I am away.

I had put my intentions out for two little boys. I wanted domestic kitties that had felt the love and security of a home rather than a jungle kitty, who would bring their own unique set of issues with them. One of my friends told me she saw three kittens in my future instead of two. I laughed and said, whatever the Universe wants for me is coming my way. A few days later I saw a Facebook post for three little “Garfield” kittens. Well I fell in love with them at first sight, then I went to meet them and the love was anchored in. I made arrangements to take all three sisters in a couple of days. I had some long days of work ahead of me and needed time to set up their nursery.

This is the picture that stole my heart, my first glimpse at my Three Little Kittens.

First Glimpse of my three little kittens, one in the middle with two on either side, ready for action!!

Part 2 of the July Blog Challenge