Living in the Creation of Dreams

I learned the beauty and skill of being a manifester several decades ago. When what we desire is in benefit to others, things come together beautifully. I’ve lived that lifestyle for as far back as I care to remember. By lifestyle I mean identifying what I want/need. Clearly stating the intention to God as I understand it (Source, Universe, God Goddess, All that IS). It is not a demand, it is not even really a request. It is stating the want/need, feeling it, visualizing it, and then allowing the Universe to work things out. We have to/get to do the footwork, which if following intuition, comes easily. Opening the doors, looking to see what is there.

This is part of the path that I ponder. Knowing that I can create what I want, what do I want? Number one is to continue to be healthy. That is up to me by my food choices, activity level, spiritual and community connections. It also has to do with loving myself, all parts of me.

Having passion for the things I am interested in brings more good things my way. It has been so interesting to watch things come together better than I could ever imagine.

When I rented this Ohana, almost three years ago, it gave me a place to call my own. It was a manifestation of what I had wanted and needed. I was a house-sitter or live-in companion for the previous five years. Stability changed my life. I quit drinking alcohol at the same time. Embracing sobriety changed my life even more.

I am living the life that I dreamed of several years ago. I created my life by the choices I have made, the intentions I have set, the willingness to do the footwork, being open to signs and synchronicity, trusting that when things are in divine timing, nothing happens by mistake. What is meant for me is coming towards me. I continue to create and dream, living in harmony with my soul more and more every day. Living in the creation of dreams reminds me of a quote from my past, several decades ago, “Living in the Leap”. Ahh a topic for another time. 😉