Am I Strong Enough – Part 2

Am I strong enough to step up and follow my path of being a conduit for energy healing? Such an amazing journey into self.

Working with my first covid patient, through “distance healing”, his wife communicating with me daily on his progress, we focused intention on his healing. I would let her know the intuitions and messages I felt during the sessions. She would pass them along as she could and report back on his current status. It was interesting to watch the progression after he was diagnosed with covid. From my understanding his wife started pumping him full of healthy things to help boost his immune system as soon as he came home not feeling well. He went into the hospital about a week later with difficulty breathing and was put onto oxygen.

From afar, I heard the horror stories of what that is like in these covid times. Family is not allowed to visit. He had to be in a holding pattern in the emergency room as the Pulmonary Care Units were full, overflowing. Patients had to wait for rooms and sometimes equipment. I don’t know the details of what medications he may have been given but I do know that he continued to struggle even with the oxygen on and ended up with pneumonia several day into his hospital visit.

At some points along the journey, this fella was not feeling well enough to be able to talk on the phone or text. Those were tough times for all of us. Trust, believe, pray, never give up. Love is the answer, always, in all ways. Those are the things I have learned in life and were the things I relayed to this family.

I know that I am strong enough, if I stay in that place of love, knowing that everything is going to work out just as it is meant to. There was a lot of focused love for that man, fighting for his life in a hospital in Florida, during a surge in covid cases. The love of his wife, his family, his community, his friends and a woman sitting on an active volcano in the middle of the ocean all holding space and sending love.

We could tell when he had turned the corner and was on his way back to health. Big sighs were felt by all of us. He was moved out of the Pulmonary Critical Care Unit into a private room where he was left alone for hours at a stretch because the nurses were so busy with others. He wasn’t able to get up out of bed on his own and was dependent on others.

As happens with folks who lay in bed, he had lost a lot of strength in the three weeks he was laying in a hospital bed. Physical therapists started working with him, and he started being able to get up and really start building his strength back up. He was in the hospital for about a month. It had been a long hard journey for him. A month later he is still in recovery and his doctor tells him to expect a couple of month of healing and regaining his strength. He is determined and is now up to walking two miles a day. We will continue the energy work to strengthen his lungs.

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