The Three Little Kittens Part 12

Kittens, babies and sleep. Little ones play so hard and are so busy growing that when they hit that wall of energy drained they tend to drop where they are and sleep. I remember it with my neices, never having had children of my own, falling asleep at the table or conking out on the spot and just tipping over for a nap. I see that with the kittens too. They play, they sleep, they eat then repeat.

Babies when they are sleeping are soooo sweet!! Sometimes it just melts my heart the way these sweeties sleep. I bought them a cat bed which they don’t use. I have various baskets around the house for them to sleep in. They sometimes sleep together but mostly not. The basket that they loved to sleep in last week sits empty this week as they sleep somewhere else. They have lots of options. Sometimes it’s on the bed.

Often time when they hear me starting to wake up they will come in and we have kitty cuddle time. One of my most favorite times of the day. Those sweet little faces as I am opening my eyes bring me such joy and happiness, they are just too cute for words! Isn’t that what all Mom’s say?

I don’t allow the kittens on tables with the exception of one. I am allowing them on the picnic table on the lanai. They like having that higher viewpoint. Traci can often be found laying in the center keeping an eye out on her domain.

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