The Three Little Kittens Part 11

Kittens compared to children have many similarities. Like feeling one never has a moment to oneself. The girls follow me around like puppies would. If I go up to the laundry room, they are behind me. That is one place that is a “no-no zone.” Like all parents, rules are set to keep the children safe. This is a place where a kitten could get locked in for hours, plus they just don’t need to be in there. One day Marmalade had followed me into the laundry room and I hadn’t noticed. I closed the door when I left and went back down to my place.

It wasn’t long and I heard a yowling unlike anything I had heard from them. I could hear it from inside my house! Exploring I found Marmalade, scrunched down behind the water heater and water filters, scared and lonely. We are on a catchment system here so the water pump turns on and off as needed. In that laundry room it was loud and I’m sure very scary. Sweet Marmalade was rescued and to this day stops several inches if not a foot before the laundry door. She won’t be going in there again. I think the sisters learned from her lesson.

Kitty In a laundry basket

Another feeling like I never have a moment alone time is the bathroom. Since the start, they follow me into the bathroom. In the beginning I thought it was great because we were potty training. My husband and I had made a pact when we first got married and got a cat, to keep the toilet lid down when not in use. So I have always closed the lid and the kittens jump up on it and watch what I am doing at the sink. They have been curious but have learned when I told them no, such smart girls. Traci has been interested in my feather earrings but has been unsuccessful at checking them out. When she jumps for them, other things fall and startle her. It only took a couple of times and she gave up. They seem to be responding really well to the word no.

Often times I will open their cat door and they go out and come right back in. They like to hang out in the house sleeping after their breakfast. If I go outside and hang out in my hammock, they will come out and hang out with me. Such sweet babies!! I like it when they are outside, awake and playing. Sleeping is for night time.

 Three Kittens hanging outside

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