Vent Anytime. I get you.

Wow, Five simple words than can change a life, shift a perspective, let in the love. I am blessed by the people in my life and the love they share with me and for me.

My husband used to say “talk to the hand”. He felt I had too much verbal dialog. He didn’t want to be one of those husbands like a wobble head dog on the dash of grandma’s car, nodding his head but not listening. Part of the problem as I saw it was I didn’t want him to “fix” whatever was going on, I just needed to vent, let out whatever was bugging me, so I could let it go. I never did well talking to the hand.

One has to be careful who one vents to. I have had it happen multiple times that people that were friends, didn’t want to hear the vents. They only want puppies and bubble gum or something along that line. Some only want to hear positive things. Today I was in a conversation with someone about what is real? Nothing is real? My view on what is real may not be the same as someone else’s. We each have our own “reality”, which we created. That will be a discussion for another blog post but for today, I will say that sometimes when I’m venting it’s because I don’t like my current view of reality. “That isn’t the way it was supposed to be. ” My little inner child gets triggered.

I know when I get triggered it’s because something has made me feel under valued, not safe, not heard. Not a reality a lot of times, just my perspective as a result of what I perceived as a difficult childhood. It created hurts, little scabs that when something happens that triggers me I revert back to that child who is hiding in fear.

I sometimes vent into the page, but if I am not careful that just lets my imagination run with worse case scenarios, feelings of disrespect, feelings of nobody cares about my little self. Sometimes the vent into the page allows me to see how I feel as the words reveal themselves. Other times, it just spins me up more.

Tonight as I was getting spun up over an injustice that hasn’t even happened yet, a friend sent a video to check out how life is a game. The title resonated with me but I put it off, my resistance is often more of a blockage to happiness. I responded to the friend saying it sounded like exactly what I needed to listen to. As we were signing off, I apologized for venting. Her response will be forever in my heart.
Vent Anytime. I get you.

What a difference those 5 simple words can make. I felt heard. I felt honored for the challenge I was feeling. I felt understood and loved. I finish this with gratitude for the example of how I want to be when I grow up. I want to say those simple words to someone else who is getting spun up and just needs to get it off their chest. They don’t need me to fix them, they just need heard. I want to say “Vent Anytime. I get you”.