Am I Strong Enough? (Part 1)

Am I strong enough to step into the purpose that I feel? I was drawn to begin practicing energy work in 2015 during the time I was in my own battle with cancer. At the time I was doing what I could that my “body” needed; eating a healthy low sugar anti-inflammatory diet. I walked, with resistance, the western medicine path of surgeries and radiation. At the same time I reached out for any and all natural healing modalities. Reiki, hypnotism, sound healing, herbal remedies some of which were “tried and true”. It was while traveling down the energy work path that I feel I found my true calling. My gift is to be a conduit for energy. It has helped me and it has helped others. Am I strong enough to step into my purpose?

Along my journey of life, I embraced the idea of “Showing up.” I have been a big believer in setting intentions and manifesting our desires. I know for me, I am very good at doing that for the lower material levels. I can recount the ways the Universe aligned to help me achieve what I wanted; to invest in property that gave us options for creating financial security, the perfect live-aboard boat, the “ideal” job – you know, the one where you do what you love, where you never feel like it is work? All I had to do was show up. Getting up with the intention of making my days awesome. Knowing that we create our lives by what we think, do, and say. Knowing and believing that I have the power to create what I need. Yes, I am strong enough to show up! I am strong enough to visualize and create.

So here I am, I’m cruising along in life feeling like life is good!! I live in a lovely little Ohana not far from the ocean and I have a sweet cat that keeps me company. I have enough income to make ends meet. I have close friends who are my tribe and believe like I do. I have friends who have chosen a different path than I am on but the love is still there. This is a difficult time when experimental injections are being mandated for people world wide. It is dividing people into the “vaxed and unvaxed.” Polarizing more people daily against each other. I know that Love is the opposite of Fear. I know Love is the answer. I know there is a disease from which some people are dying. The media has spun this story out in so many ways it is hard for people to know what to trust.

I have been learning all I can about the covid situation from many different angles since it started last year. It’s the way I process a situation. I go to as many different sources as I can, to get another perspective. Then recently along comes an opportunity to take an online class on energy healing of people who are suffering from covid or from the results of the experimental injection. Am I strong enough to step up to the plate and take this course? Is it meant for me to do? I prayed and meditated and in listening to my soul and seeing how the Universe has my back, I stepped up to the plate and “swung the bat”. I was delivered my first client to work on that has covid, the first week of my six week class. And yes, I asked myself “Am I strong enough?” Once we start along a path, we can stumble and weave as we keep moving forward or we can step into the flow with confidence and love.

Doing energy work on someone who has covid is very “life and death.” I had the opportunity to work through what energy work means to me and for my client. I am not God, I am a conduit for focused loving energy from Source to Human. I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves. I feel my purpose is to hold space for the people who need it, want it, are willing to visualize themselves healing.

With my first covid client, just as I was starting to work with him, he went into the hospital with difficulty breathing. There was a day or two where I didn’t know if he was going to fight for life or not. All I could do was to keep holding space, pouring in the love, being that conduit for focused healing, with the understanding of “may his will and Divine will be one”, bringing him back to health, back to the love of family. Wondering if I am strong enough, knowing that Source is and I am merely the conduit.

Am I Strong Enough Part 2