Ask and Trust

I recently picked up a gig to help some friends retrieve their vehicle that was shipped from Oahu over to Hawaii Island.  They had purchased the car a month before, had recently traveled over to Oahu on business, and were currently in quarantine.  The car had to be picked on a certain day and they were unable to do it so engaged me for a lucrative sum.  I had another client that morning that I didn’t want to reschedule, and trusted the Universe that it would all work out.

I caught a ride with a friend that works in Hilo to the Port of Hilo to pick up the car. I walked up to the gate and they told me “You can’t walk in, you have to be IN a vehicle”

“Oh my, what am I supposed to do to pick up that vehicle ?” I asked the guards.  “Call a cab and pay him to wait while I go through this process?“

 “Yes,” responded one of the guards, “that is what many people have to do.”

I turned around and started walking back out to the street, my mind working on a solution.  I looked at the first car in line.  The woman in it looked at me then back down at her phone.  The woman in the second vehicle didn’t even look up from her phone.  The third vehicle had a man and woman in it, the woman driving.  I walked up to the vehicle, explained my situation and asked if I could have a ride through to pick up my car.  They looked at each other then said yes.  They invited me to get in and I was able to accomplish what my task was.


As we sat there talking, the woman said to me at one point, “You don’t take no for an answer.”  What I realized as I sat in their car was, You don’t get what you want/need if you don’t ask for it. 

During this whole time, from the time I was engaged to help retrieve the car, till the time I delivered it to the new owners driveway, I just kept telling myself, “The Universe is in control and everything is going to be OK.  I am just along for the ride, doing the footwork.” 

As I reflected on this I was brought into great gratitude for the truth in that.  It had started from I would be picking the car up sometime between 7:30 and 11:30 am on Friday, they couldn’t say for sure what time, it would depend on when the barge arrived and when the vehicle was unloaded.  I had warned my client that I might be late.  As it worked out, the day before the pick-up the owners had gotten an email that the vehicle was unloaded and could be picked up ANY time between 7:30 and 11:30 am.  The friend I had hitched a ride into Hilo with had to be at work at 7:30 so PERFECT!  I would be there early to get the car. I got back to my home in time to pet and feed my kitty and got to my next client ON TIME.


The reminder for me was to NEVER give up.  I had learned that lesson earlier with my battle with cancer.  As the woman in the car had said, I don’t take no for an answer.  I know that if I have turned things over to the Universe (some call it God, that Infinite Source of all that is) everything will work out just like it is supposed to.  Once again I was reminded of that very simple truth.  Trust and Allow. 

Another woman I know had once said to me “Jacklyn gets what Jacklyn wants.”  At first I was taken aback by that.  Then as I reflected on my life and the way things work out I know that it is because 1) I am willing to ask for what I want.  Asking the Universe first, then asking for help from the people who come onto my path.  Instinctively I know the “who to ask” at the right time.  2)  Trusting that everything will work it, it most always does, and even better than if I had tried to micro-manage the details.  Ask and Trust.  Pretty simple yet amazing way to live life.

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