Being a word-crafter, I love words.  One of my favorites is Synchronicity.  I am not sure if it is actually the word that is one of my favorites or the meaning.  According to the Marriam-Webster dictionary the definition of synchronicity is “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (such as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung”  it goes on to say “Jung believed that such “meaningful coincidences” play an important role in our lives. Today, some people even look to synchronicities for spiritual guidance.”  That is what I am talking about.  What I resonate with and the topic of this blog article.

For many decades I said, “Nothing happens by mistake”.  After my husband took his life elsewhere I questioned that statement.  But I quickly found myself in the middle of one after another situations and events where “nothing happens by mistake”.  I now call them synchronicities and know that they are the Universe working for me, through me, around me.

One of my first synchronicities after Keith left was the person I sold our boat to.  I had put out to the Universe that I needed and wanted someone who loved the boat as much as I did.  The man who bought it worked in a boat yard, and my sweet boat needed some work.  Several months later he sent me a picture of the back deck covered with Dungeness crabs.  Yes, he was loving the M/V Wanderon as much as I did! Synchronicity, thank you!

The next most meaningful synchronicity that happened was that the person my travel buddy, Jen, and I rented from was a nurse at the clinic in Pahoa.  When she saw the spot on my face she said “Come into our clinic and we will take care of you”.  That was the start of my journey into wellness with the assistance of western medicine.  I had avoided and found excuses why I couldn’t and wouldn’t go to a doctor.  The “thing” on my face had gotten way out of hand since Keith left and I knew it was the thing to do.  Synchronicity, thank you!

Upon biopsy the clinic sent me to Honolulu to see an oncologist and surgeon.  The surgeon was the first one to ever do a face transplant.  When they cut me open to remove cancerous tumors, they cut me from behind my ear down my neck between four and five inches. The scar on my neck is hardly even visible due to my surgeon’s expert and skilled hands.  Synchronicity, thank you!

Not long after we got to the island, Jen saw a poster for a Reiki I and II class.  We signed up for it.  Jen was thinking it could help me.  We participated in the training but the main thing that happened for me was that the instructor was a grief counselor that had a woman’s healing retreat.  I worked with her for several years.  She helped me through the initial grief process.  Synchronicity, thank you!

Many of the people that I was meeting were healers or conduits for healing on spiritual levels.  Many more synchronicities happened which I will talk about in my book.  I will give just a couple more examples for this article.

I had found the “warm ponds” down by the ocean right after moving here.  There was a beautiful park (now covered over by Pele’s dance of 2018) where there were regular social functions.  Monday was “Music Monday” and folks would gather in one of the gazebos from noon till dark and play music.  I had started acquiring percussion instruments and loved Music Monday.  I was dedicated to being there every Monday for the fun, friendship, music and beauty of the place. 

One of the synchronicities that allowed me to face and walk through western medicine beyond the initial surgeries was the introduction to my functional doctor/Chinese medicine doctor.  Had it not been for him, there is no way I would have done the radiation or the immunotherapy.  I had met the radiation oncologist and told him the alternative treatments I was doing.  One of them was pretty severe and the doctor said if I was going to do that kind of thing, I needed to do it with a professional who could guide me.  That was on a Thursday.  I asked him if he knew of anyone who could help me.  He gave me two names.  On Monday, I told my friends at Music Monday that I may have to do radiation as more tumors were showing up in my neck.   One of my friends asked me to wait till I saw her friend, the functional doctor.  Turns out he was one of the two on my list, which I had not yet called!!  She called him and I was able to get in to see him before my next appointment with the radiation oncologist.  I credit him with being one of the people who saved my life.  As I mentioned earlier, I was struggling with doing western medicine.  He told me he would help mitigate the side effects as well as make the treatments more effective, which is exactly what he did.  More details on that in my book.  I am so very blessed.  Again, synchronicity, thank you!!

I have so many synchronicities in my life.  It is the way I live my life.  I believe they are part of my spiritual guidance.  I have been involved with metaphysical studies since the 70’s and know without a doubt that the Universe has my back.  Things that may appear as synchronicities are messages from source, here to help me through whatever is going on, guiding me on decisions, taking me on adventures, bringing people into my life.  I feel so very blessed by all that is.  It feels sometimes magical.  Synchronicity, thank you thank you!!

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