EWOP – A Magical Lesson

I was introduced to the magic, theory, idea of EWOP last year by the wife of Serge Kahili King. It means Everything is Working Out Perfectly. The more I watch, listen, pay attention, allow and do nothing sometimes, I get to see just how the magic is. Here’s a little story on today’s lesson.

I belong to a group of women who get together and write together as an accountability group. We have been doing it for a number of years. One of the women uses her professional zoom account for us on a regular basis. Once in a while she has some different going on and another member has offered her pro zoom account as a back up. We always sign in a few minutes early to say hello and get settled in.

This morning when I logged into the zoom meeting the facilitator and one other writer were already there. They were in a discussion on how to proceed forward as the facilitator had another meeting and would be leaving after the meditation. We were the only ones who had signed up in the online calendaring website that is used to help organize our group on what we are up to. Often others will drop in. They like I, have captured the link to the meeting and have it saved for easy access. Just in my own defense, my alarm goes off at 5:15am so I can be online a half an hour later. The link on my desktop makes it a snap. For those that went to the website calendar they might have seen the message that said “Host needed after meditation”. The facilitator and I have a standard smile about “people don’t read!”. It was a lesson I got early in my tech career. If I wanted to know something it required reading. It still does. 😉

The other writer and I decided that if no one else showed up, we’d just write independently and see each other at the next writing session. The facilitator started the mediation. It was beautiful, taking me into that place of relaxation where I could connect with my heart for the writing project of the day. And then she paused and my intuition told me others had joined and I opened my eyes. Yup, two more writers were now on zoom and neither of them was the one with the back-up channel.

I opened my email and sent the back-up zoom facilitator a message asking if she could host us on her account. One line, short and sweet then back to the zoom meeting I went. Now another person had joined, the back up facilitator, whew. EWOP. Everything works out perfectly. It was probably only 10 minutes into the meditation. At quarter after the hour the facilitator passed the meeting over to me and I reminded the writers present that we would be switching over to the alternative zoom account, the link would be dropped into the chat. All they had to do was click on the link and it would ask them if they wanted to leave the current meeting and join the new meeting. It is pretty seamless.

One of the things we do is to drop into the chat what we are working on as part of the accountability. Today I put in the chat that I was going to write about EWOP. After the hour writing session we come back together and talk about how we did. As I was talking about how my writing went, the alternative pro account writer reminded me she had set the meeting schedule up so it could be available for us as needed on these Sunday morning possible conflict times. She didn’t have to be present, the room would be available. So the moral to this story and the magic, no need to worry, Everything is Working Out Perfectly. Mahalo Serge and the Hawaiian lessons of Huna.

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