Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today, July 17, 2023 I planted a “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” tree. One of the many places I have lived on this island had one of these trees. They are so beautiful, in my opinion, because I love the color purple. It has purple flowers that fade to lavender and then to white. At times they remind me of the lilacs of my childhood in Montana.

Which brings me to today’s topic. Yesterday is but a memory. I have finally accepted at a heart level that the past is just that. Yesterday, gone, over, nothing can be done to change anything. So many lessons is what yesterday holds for me. I learned from every challenge and every adventure. I once saw a movie where the actor had an opportunity to go back and live his life over. So many people wish they could, but in the movie, the guy ended up doing the exact same things with the same results. I snicker as I think, imagine that! If we don’t change the things we do, things won’t change.

Today is what we make of it, from the time we roll out of bed until we lay back down at the end of the day. I learned a long time ago that we create our lives, attitude is everything. I start my days with gratitude, before my feet even hit the floor. I write with my writers group over zoom and many of them are in different time zones. So I set my alarm for 5:15. I hit snooze and start connecting with gratitude first. Love flows from there. From love expands excitement for what the day may hold.

Today is the day I decide how to proceed, with grace and calm or stress and anxiety. I learned in the past to get out of the “driver’s seat.” I set my intentions for the day and then try to stay in the now moment, flowing as the day unfolds exactly like it was supposed to. I’ve learned to stop and breathe. That has been my biggest lesson. Today it came in a little clearer for me, in an energy treatment I was blessed to be the recipient of. The message that came through loud and clear was to pause. I definitely need to pause more. The healer that was working with me recommended an app that he uses. I’ve downloaded it and tomorrow I will start playing with it.

Tomorrow, oh my, the tomorrow’s depend on how we live today don’t they? I have been on the high flying disk as Abraham Hicks puts it. There are some down days and they are getting further and further apart. The more I stop, pause and breathe the more the day flows. Tomorrows are important for setting goals and or intentions, having something to look forward to, allowing it to unfold how the Universe wants it to is the easiest.

I planted this Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow bush outside my window where I sit and write. As it starts blooming, I’m looking forward to being reminded that the past is but a memory, today is rich with gratitude for all that is and tomorrow is the magic I’ve yet to create.