Slow Down, Pay Attention – Part 2

I was convinced it was the battery, the friend didn’t even look at anything, just took the battery out and off we went to town. I purchased the new battery, had a nice breakfast and back to my place we went. He put in the new battery and I turned the key. Nothing happened. That was a big AH SH**. As I explained the symptoms I had witnessed, he said it was probably the starter. I only panicked for a minute. I didn’t beat myself up over buying the battery that wasn’t needed. Batteries are not going to get any cheaper and now I know I will have a good battery for years to come. I couldn’t take it back anyway. Part of the lesson to slow down and pay attention. Ok, I hope I’ve got it. I”ll be tested soon I am sure.

So here I am with a broken car sitting in my driveway. I have AAA but where would I have her towed omg, the whole nightmare that could be. A choice, a decision, a lesson confirmed. My mind kicked into solution mode, remembering that I had heard of a mobile mechanic in our area on Facebook. I did a search and found a recommendation to Lena and her number. I called and she said she was heading a different direction to look at a car but could take a look at mine in the afternoon. I said great. She said she charges a $100 diagnostic fee and I felt that was fair for her to come to me. Whew. Life was getting easier.

She arrived at my place and diagnosed it as the starter. She checked the price at the auto parts store. I said yes to the lifetime warranty choice and off she went to pick it up. She was back and had my car running in no time. We were able to look at and talk about some other maintenance work that I need to put into my sweet little Toyota Matrix. It’s time to look at the breaks and a couple other things. Being on a budget we lined out a list by importance. I feel very blessed to have this awesome young woman as my mechanic helping keep one of my top priorities running and well-maintained. My last mechanic with the Nissan was a “fix it when it breaks” kind of guy. It didn’t give me a comfort zone feeling. He went away when the Nissan went away.

Slow down and pay attention this time around had many rich lessons for me. Slow down, my body is feeling the extra stress it has been under lately. All of my own making, my own choices. It is only temporary that I have an additional vacation rental to take care of. I cut all but one out of my work routine as the variety of dates when they need to be cleaned makes chaos in what I am trying to create as a simple life. Sitting around playing my Native American style flute, learning the properties of the crystals I have collected, and reading some of the great books I’ve invited onto my bookshelves. Oh and lest I forget, the classes I have signed up for!! Taking this extra job on, and some of the terms I agreed to have made me really look back and say “What will I do for money?”

Paying attention is really a big one. Stop and don’t just breathe, but look around and explore. One of the things I learned this time around is I am more capable than I give myself credit for. I just need to stop, breathe and analyze before action. Which ties back into the slow down. All my life’s a circle and the circle of life provides so much wisdom, knowledge, and humor if we are able to see it.


This series is going to have a Part 3 as the lessons continue. Life’s a series of choices. Stay tuned for the conclusion.

Part 1 if you missed it.