Listen to the Magic of My Flute

As a child I always wanted to play the flute but my mother couldn’t afford it. So I played the drums in middle school. As a young adult I bought a silver flute and worked to learn to play it. I was a cigarette smoker in those days and it took my breath away, I couldn’t play my flute very well. I ended up giving it to my niece.

Fast forward to 2022, I started going to a sound healing where a man played a Native American like flute. When he plays it, it took me to a higher level in my mediation. On the wings of eagles looking at life from a different view.

After about a year of enjoying the sound of that flute every Wednesday evening, I was talking with the musician after the event. I was feeling pulled to buy a flute He recommended High Spirit Flutes. I went to their website and fell in love with my flute almost immediately.

I bought an Earth Tone flute made of red cedar. It’s so beautiful and her voice is gentle. She is in the key of A tuned to 432HZ, which resonates with the heartbeat of the earth. The “bird” or “fetish” at the top of the flute, which covers the sound mechanism in this type of flute, is the circle of life. It has two inlaid moonstones. There is a beautiful design engraved on it that is what water looks like when sound hits it. It is a six hole flute though I am only learning the pentatonic scale (five holes). The instructor told us to marry our flutes, to always keep the right finger down.

I was blessed to come across a Healing Flute class on the Shift network and am loving everything about it. I am still new at playing it but I am making headway. One of the neat things the instructor said was to connect with nature and then just let the music flow out. And it does!! Sometimes I walk around in my yard just playing my flute. A couple of nights ago I got to play with fire in a way I have never done before. Gazing into the fire in the fire pit I was able to just let the sounds that wanted to come, come.

I take my flute with me most everywhere I go. I don’t always play it, but want to have it with me. It is my friend, my connection to my deeper soul. It calms me. It brings me joy. It is magical. It has already started to transport me into calmer internal waters. I love to listen to the magic of my flute.