Getting Good out of Bad

This is a topic that is easy for me to write about because it IS my life.  It was a writing prompt from the creative writing class I participated in.

Never give up, pull yourself up by your boot straps and get on with life, quitters never win and winners never quit, endeavor to persevere, if you want your life to be different then you have to do things differently, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or margaritas)   We have all heard the mantas, the words of encouragement, the little jingles that keep us moving forward in life and in our evolution.

I am well-seasoned at using any and all of these to get through life.  A difficult life as a child made me stronger and more agile in facing an ever changing world. I learned to keep on keeping on, even when it felt like no one had my back. I made my own bad choices, which took me down roads I wouldn’t have had otherwise traveled. They taught me compassion, to love all of me, to be more accepting in life, and that it is ok to be vulnerable, .

The things that were hardest to deal with had a silver lining when I looked back at them. The things I didn’t like or want to happen taught me that I am capable of far more than I would ever have imagined.  Eventually, I learned that I am blessed, guided, guarded and protected by an energy source that is a part of me and every living thing on this planet.  The lessons have been rich indeed.


    • Jacklyn Garnick -

      One of the big lessons I have learned in recent years is growth is outside of our comfort zone. I don’t look for those tough times, but when they happen I look for the lesson, the gift.

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