Be Not Afraid. Be Love.

I have had the opportunity to practice what I preach, to walk my talk, to be the example of the person I want to be.  I try not to be in fear, about anything.  I have found tools to help me with this like meditation, tapping, writing, breathing and prayer.

I am not in fear of Covid.  My feelings on it are different than most all of my friends.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, I am saying it is not what the media presents.  I have been struggling with what the truth of the situation is for the past year.  I have been following news from a variety of sources.  I have read articles, delved into studies, listened to doctors, scientists, and health activists. 

I have learned to follow my instincts as they are messages from my source, my creator, the Universe, God as I understand. My instinct never leads me down the wrong path.  Most of my friends, long term and newer relationships have taken the experimental injection.  I have come to terms with what that may mean, if my instincts are right about what this whole thing is about.  Love is the answer. 

Everyone, for now, gets to make their own choices.  How much longer we will have medical freedom depends on everyone.  I feel that medical apartheid is upon us.  Segregation is happening in a variety of ways. We are being divided by those that have been vaccinated and those who haven’t.  Most of my friends have agreed to disagree.

I have been an advocate for natural health for decades.  I am a foodie that believes that food is medicine.  I am an herbalist that believes nature provides what we need to heal ourselves.  I have learned that there are times when western medicine needs to be blended in with other alternative healing modalities.  I have read and followed people on the fringe for several decades and watched as the things they predicted have come true.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am a conspiracy realist.

My problem now is that one of my close friends, who I often interact one on one with, has decided to take the experimental injection.  I am hearing more and more about “shedding” or “transmission”.  I DO NOT want what is in her to be inside me.  As this is still in the experimental stages, and studies are not forthright about what is really going on, no one knows if or how what is in the injection is and can be transferred to others.  Because I listen to a variety of sources, I am seeing more and more doctors, nurses and scientists that are saying something is happening to people who are around vaxed people.  Blod clots, unusual bleeding, miscarriages, the lists of things continue to grow and be reported to doctors.  The governments are not tracking these happenings, pretending that it isn’t real.

SO, yesterday I had a social event planned with two vaxed people.  One took the experimental injections several months ago (and got really sick during the process).  The other friend took the single shot injection and is not talking about how it has gone for her.  She is in a much more precarious state of health so I have just been praying that all will be well for her.  That the experiment will provide the results they want, which is to stay healthy while they travel around the country. 

I almost cancelled on my participation with them.  But instead I got to “Walk My Talk”.  Trusting the Universe that I am guided, guarded and protected.  I did everything I could for several days to ensure that my immune system is strong.  Yesterday morning I did some of the natural remedies that I know will help me against the Spike Protein (which is really the problem in my book – not the virus).  I did not kiss or hug either of these friends.  I used caution while staying in that place of love and loving kindness, protecting myself. I participated in the activities we had planned, and came home grateful that I was able to meet my obligation to the friends and care for myself in healthy loving ways. 

If what they have in them has transferred over to me, and causes me any health issues, I am ok with it is my time to go.  I fought cancer and won with the help of a positive attitude, a lot of love and prayers.  I don’t believe it is my time to go yet, but I am not afraid to die either.  If I have reached the end of my usefulness in this lifetime, so be it.  I will not have gone willingly into this crazy state of crimes against humanity.  I will have loved all I can.  Trusted God to have my back.  And will step into whatever is next with no fear.  Be Not Afraid.  Be Love. That is what I told myself yesterday as a put a protective bubble around myself and went out into the day.

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