Tropical Storm Calvin Energy

Several days ago a Hurricane Calvin was downgraded to a tropical storm. It is set to hit here this evening. I have an app that alerts me, so it has been regular in it’s updates as the storm moves closer. We are now officially under a Tropical Storm Warning with local flooding and strong winds (39-73 mph) projected to hit here in a couple of hours. They have been telling us on the local alerts and news broadcasts, for a couple of days, to prepare our property (homes, boats, critters) for high wind and heavy rains.

Ocean waves pound against the lava cliffs.

When I lived in SE Alaska it would just be another crappy day. LOL. Here it is warm and the flooding is wild. Turn around, don’t drown! One would think, with all the lava, it would drain quickly, and in places it does. In other places, where humans have encouraged progress, roads flood in the low areas. The water sheets on some of the roads, possibly due to bad design, I am not sure. I’ve never seen it like this anywhere else. Hydroplaning is a serious possibility if one is out traveling on local roads. In Southeast Alaska it would have been a harbor day, with a few more dock lines engaged for security!!

Another issue we have on this side of the island is the Albezia trees, which do not have any substance to them. They are not indigenous to the island and have proven to be a serious problem, even though they are beautiful. They are called “Widow Makers” as their huge limbs fall and kill people. Luckily, there are none around my home. I could still be impacted as they often take out power lines during a storm.

It is supposed to hit here in a few hours and it will be dark. The calm before the storm has an eerie feel. In Port Alexander, Keith and I would sometimes go down to the point to watch the waves crash over the entrance to the bay. All five senses were alive and at attention.

Here today, I can hear the crashing of the ocean against the lava cliffs. The intermittent showers have started. Along with the energies of the new moon, and the grand solar cross, I have some storm energy brewing. I may go to the ocean and watch the waves tomorrow.

Note: This is not a current picture, just one from my library, showing the cliffs a block away from where I live. ;). I am blessed. I love the sound of the ocean.