Letting in the Light – Tech Tutoring & Assistance

  • Learn how to use your smart phone (iPhone or Android)
  • Learn how to use your computer and the software loaded on it.
  • Learn how to write, store and manage emails
  • I can help you set up your printer and teach you to print from phone, tablet or computer
  • Learn how to download images from your phone to computer for enhancing, storing, sharing, creating cards

I love technology and have had some very interesting and fun jobs in this industry. I took typing in high school on an IBM Selectric which led to getting a word processor when they became available later on in life. That prepared me for jumping into the next step when home computers came out. My first one used 5 1/4″ floppy disks on a simple DOS system. I started learning Windows with Win 95. Now all these years later I celebrate technology and how far we have come.

I am available to help you learn how to use your devices from cell phones, tablets, iPads, Kindels, Windows PC, Apple computer, setting up printers, apps, and software.

Local (East Side Hawaii) references are available upon request.

Contact me to talk about your needs. Finding solutions and tutoring makes me happy.