Healing Ourselves

I have believed in the power of healing ourselves for a long time. In the early years I learned and resonated with the whole foods movement, food is medicine. I still believe that and continue to learn and explore how everything we need to be healthy is provided for us by nature.

It was a perfect compliment to learn about herbal remedies. I love a “medicine cabinet” that has home made balms, tinctures, vitamins and supplements. I always try to get my nutrition from food directly but there are times when a tablet or oil is just what is needed.

I believe body mind and spirit work together beautifully. Our bodies are amazing. The more I learn, the more I am in awe of this “bag of bones that house our soul”. I do believe we are spirits having a human experience. It is because of that belief that I feel I can heal myself”. Learning energy work came to me in one of those “meant to be” situations. The door appeared, I opened and walked through it.

I started formal training in energy work in 2015 with my first Reiki class. I have continued with additional trainings in Reiki as well as expanding into other energy modalities. The most recent energy course has been the highest level of training so far. It expanded on and upleveled the energy techniques I had already learned.

This course caught my eye as it is targeted specifically to helping people who have covid and/or are having problems due to the experimental injection. Not long after starting the course a fellow energy worker shared that her brother-in-law recently was diagnosed with covid and asked if I would be willing to work on him remotely. He is in Florida.

My first response was “No, I don’t know enough.” But after talking and thinking about it more I agreed to see what I could do. After all, I do practice Reiki at the master level so having a client to learn the new techniques with was a blessing. The man’s wife communicated with me via text through the process. 

This fellow ended up in the hospital, on oxygen, getting pneumonia and experiencing an overcrowded hospital short on staff. He believes in energy work having healed a couple different minor things with his sister-in-law. This gave me an advantage working with him. He understands the spiritual connection to a source greater than ourselves.

As an energy worker I do not claim to be a healer. I am a facilitator, a conduit for the energy that can be called in from that divine source. The person with the ailment has the opportunity to do those deep dives inside to that place where we connect with all that is and ever will be. I hold space with them, utilizing the visualizations and energy movement techniques.

I followed the progression with this fellow. Doing energy work on him daily at first then slowly spacing the sessions out after he “turned the corner”. He was about a week into the decline when the combination of everything allowed him to start the slow recovery process. We worked together regularly until he was released to go home. I am committed to continue working with him.

Another covid client has come my way. He is the son-in-law of a dear friend of mine. His progression is similar except here in Hawaii he has been put on a ventilator. He just spent his 45th birthday in a medically induced coma. I have only done a couple of session with and for him so far. I was hoping and praying he would get off the ventilator for his birthday. I am still holding the vision of recovery for him, breathing on his own, healing and going home to his family. I also understand that we all have free will and soul contracts. It is my prayer that Divine Will and his will intend for him to continue on this planet – loving husband, great father, awesome grandfather. He has a lot of friends and family praying for him and I know the power of prayer. I feel like I am sitting here today because of the power of prayer, and my will to live.

With my first covid client, as he spiraled down, struggling for breath, I had to take a good hard look at my expectations and beliefs in regards to my part of his experience. I was holding space, visualizing connecting with his spirit and sending directed healing energies to this man and the situation. I want to heal him, I want to fix him, and I realize I am not God.

It is not my kuleana (responsibility) nor can I claim that I can heal anyone. We all heal ourselves. This man’s love for his family, their love for him, many prayers along with my own energetics thrown into the Field helped this man through this tough disease. He is still healing and will be for awhile. It is his responsibility to do the breathing exercises, build up his body strength, allow his body to rest and to heal.

It is the same way with the current client I am sending healing love to, it is his and his makers choice on if he continues on this plane of existence. I am only a witness, sending love, sending love, sending healing energies and love. We all heal ourselves or we take our lives elsewhere. Another of my beliefs, when we have learned the lessons we came to this earth to experience, we move back into spirit realm. Love Lessons and Blessings. The topic of a previous blog on my own healing journey.