Synchronicity at Haena Beach

It’s always so amazing to watch how things work out when we allow the Universe to drive the bus. I see these things on a regular basis. This morning was an interesting practice in allowing the magic to unfold.

I have a friend with a dog that I go hiking with. One of our favorites is a nearby sandy beach. It’s a beautiful amazing place but getting there is not for whimps! It is a five mile jungle trail that is often muddy, with obstacles to go around and sometimes over. For example today’s trip had a tree that had recently fallen across the trail. Trail maintenance had cut off the branches and laid the larger limbs next to the fallen tree, so there was something to step up on to help get over the tree.

There’s always some interesting challenges. A lava trail for most of the way through the jungle. In the low lying areas, over time, the water, soil then some vegetation has collected. Those are the muddy holes that seem like they could suck a person in never to be seen again. It generally takes us an hour and a half to do the hike one way. Today I didn’t time it, I just went with the flow of whatever was going to unfold.

My friend had invited a woman that we met at an event. She had expressed an interest in going hiking. As we were already scheduling a hike for today, he invited her to come along with us. She is a travel nurse and has only been on the island for a short while. She’s yet to know where to go and how to get there when it comes to hiking trails and places to get in the water. Most of our coast on the east side of Hawaii island are lava cliffs. This beach we went to today is the only white sand beach in this area and it’s always has turtles hanging out.

Experience has taught us that going at low tide always works out best. Allows for more beach and for us to cross the freshwater creek to an area which provides shade from the trees along the shoreline. In order to accommodate the tides, we needed to meet at the trailhead parking lot at 6:30 am. I set my alarm for 5am. As I lay in bed waking up I heard the sound of the rain coming. With so many broad leaf trees here, we can hear the rain long before it hits the house.

Generally the friend and I would have touched base when we got up, taken a weather check before proceeding on with the hike. Today, because it was raining we probably would have taken a “rain check”. Because we had invited someone to join us, that changed the routine. It wasn’t raining at his place, though he did run into rain on the way to mine. Even though there had been occasional downpours in the last hour, it was barely an occasional shower by the time we got to the parking lot.

The new friend was waiting in the parking lot and had been there for awhile. She hadn’t been able to sleep so had come on down to the area and check it out. It had been raining at her place so she had thought maybe we would cancel. There was one car in the parking lot and the new friend said she had visited briefly with the women who had gone ahead. It was cool and I had worn a sweatshirt over my uvsunshirt and skirtini swim suit bottoms. The new friend had worn a couple of layers but not her swimsuit. Being adventurers, we unloaded the dog, grabbed our backpacks and headed along the trail.

When we got to the beach after the long walk there, the clouds had cleared and it was sunshine and beautiful. There were a bunch of turtles sunning on the natural breakwater. The new friend didn’t realize what they were when we first got there. We hiked on around and across the creek to the shady spot. The two women were out in the cove, sitting on some of the breakwater rocks. Beautiful morning, quiet, into the water we all went for a morning swim. The breakwater has a natural opening which makes the currents a little squirrely in that area. We went over into the section where the turtles were basking in the sun at the breakwater.

The two women on the rocks had come over to join us when they saw it was turtles on the breakwater on the side we were on. We all kept a good distance from the turtles as we talked story and celebrated in gratitude that we were all in this amazing and beautiful place with over 20 turtles nearby. As we got to know the two women, our new friend found what she had been asking for, a connection with other nurses. Both of these women were travel health professionals that were working here on island. One was a RN who was working at the hospital in the pediatric section. The other did home care as an occupational therapist.

Our new friend needed to connect with other professionals in the field. She had expressed that to me the weekend before. I didn’t have any answers for her on that as I no longer use western medicine. Natural and ancient medicine will be the way I live the rest of my life. But, my hiking buddy and I were the vehicles for which the magic happened for our new friend. Synchronicity and Magic, this is how it happens. A need is expressed, the God-Goddess-Source Energy-All that IS, the Universe as I call it, responds by putting the right people together at the right time in the right circumstances.

I love it, I live it, I believe it forever and always. Synchronicity and Magic is getting out of the drivers seat. Trusting that everything will work out, and then watching and experience as the magic flows. It’s SO much fun.

Here is a link to where we hiked to today. Much Magic indeed at Haena Beach.