HHWG Writing Options and Special Events

In addition to our three times a week writing sessions, we intend to have online writers retreats, classes and workshops.

2/23/2023 Update : Anreal is spearheading our first event with a writer’s retreat. It will be a day long event once a month. She is organizing when the best day will be with our writers group. If you are not on the email tread for this but would like to be, please let us know and we will add you to future notifications. hhwritersgroup at gmail dot com

3/25/2023 Update. Our first writers retreat was held today and all who participated felt accomplished by the end. Having the support of the other writers in the group “present” with intention, kept us “hanging in there” even when faced with challenges. Watch for more info on the next one, coming up 4/14/2023.

A big Thank You to Anrael for adding to our writers group this wonderful opportunity in community. Divinely inspired, beautifully and gently guiding us through six hours of dedicated writing time. A day well spent! Thank You Thank You