Breathing Through Change

Accepting and allowing change is one of the things that has been a challenge and a lesson for me through the years. Today I am recognizing that change is happening really fast and we have to keep our thoughts positive and our vibrations high in order to stay in the flow of that which we want to create. If we allow random thoughts through, they can take on their own energy. Cause and Effect?

Here is an example of recent situation. I have been living in an “Ohana” down by the ocean for a year. I love where I live, it is a short walk to the ocean which feeds my soul. It is a small stand alone house where I don’t have anyone above me or sharing common walls. It has everything I have been wanting in a home and I have been very happy here, experiencing, the security of living in the same place month after month. Since I arrived on island in 2015 I have had a variety of living situations from paying rent for a screened in pad, literally – a screened-in cement pad with a roof over it, to caretaking, caregiving, roommate, house sitter, pet sitter, to this sweet little place I am renting and have called home for the past year.

Recently reflecting on the joy that living here brings me, I was reminded that things change, the one constant. The lot across the street recently sold and clearing has begun. It made me realize how quickly things can change in my private jungle-like home. I had the thought that if they were to start clearing a lot on either side of me, it would drastically change how I feel about where I live. It was like an inkling into what could be coming down the pike.

This week I got a message from the landlords that they are considering putting the place on the market. With housing prices the way they are, this is their opportunity to recoup their investment. Of course we don’t know how long it will take to sell, or if the new owners will want to retain me as a current tenant or will have other plans.

It puts me back into the emotional place of the “unknown” in regards to where will I be living next year. For the past year I have enjoyed the pleasure of knowing this is where I will live, as long as I can keep paying the rent, or until the Universe takes me elsewhere.So now the roadmap has come out onto the table. It has not been opened yet to see where the path will lead me. The first step is always acceptance. The step after that is deciding “What do I want? Where and How do I want to Live?” Staying in the moment while setting intentions, the stuff of which life is made. I had felt a shift was coming, I just didn’t know to what extent. Staying present. Staying agile. Trusting the Universe to guide me when the times, people, places and situations are aligned. Nothing happens by mistake and everything happens for a reason. Breathing In, breathing out.