Enjoy the Journey

Life is all about choices. As I have learned to make better choices, my life has improved. I am more in alignment with my soul and it’s soul purpose. I choose to live in a sweet little house, with three magical female ginger kittens, down near the ocean on the east side of the island of Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

For my writings, please check out my writing section of this website. I write about a variety of topics.

I love technology and it is one of the ways I augment my retirement income. I sit next to folks my age and as their tech tutor, help them learn how to do what they need to do on their computer/phone/devices.

Traveling the road of healing and wellness, like many, I have become a facilitator to help others learn to go within and heal. I use a variety of modalities in my energy work.

Letting in the Light is the blanket for all of the things I do.

I am blessed. I love my life.

About the Author

Wellness Advocate
Energy Healing
Technology Tutor
Author of the book "Yes to Life"

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